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Private Subject Tuition in Johannesburg

Genius Premium Tuition offers subject-specific tuition with specialist private tutors for all listed IEB, Cambridge and IB subjects. Full A level/ IB2 HL subjects are subject to availability.

Beat Challenging Subjects with Specialised Subject Tuition

Whether a student needs a boost to help them get ahead with certain challenging subjects, or they simply wish to achieve better grades in a subject, hiring a private tutor can be highly advantageous.

While it is important to study in preparation for upcoming exams, the best way to prepare is to repeat work as often as possible, well in advance, before a test or exam. This is especially true for intimidating subjects such as Science and Maths.

Working with a private tutor for individual subject tuition will ensure that the student receives personalised, focused attention and that they are able to ask questions and build upon foundation elements they may have missed in a class.

As a company offering private tuition, Genius Premium Tuition can assist learners in developing skills that will help them build successful futures. Genius Premium Tuition offers subject-specific tuition with specialist private tutors in Johannesburg.

Dedicated Science and Maths Tutors

Maths and Science are often seen as challenging subjects, and if a student is struggling with these, they may develop a negative attitude, which in turn can also affect their self-esteem.

With private science and maths tuition, the learner can work through subjects at their own pace and ask questions they may not have been able to ask in a class environment. By reducing stress or fear associated with challenging subjects, the learner will feel more confident in their work.

Science and Math private tuition will help students to overcome learning obstacles and improve academic performance, which will, in turn, improve attitude towards learning and school.

Once the fear of challenging subjects such as Maths and Science has been overcome, the sky is the limit!

Maths and Science Tutors Johannesburg

General School Subjects Private Tuition

Genius Premium Tuition offers subject tuition across all subjects, to students of all age ranges from Grade 1 upwards, as well as adults in Tertiary Education.

Our Private Tutors are experts in the following areas:

  • Local syllabi, such as:
    • IEB
    • GDE
  • International syllabi, such as:
    • International Baccalaureate – IB
    • Cambridge International Curricula
    • GED
  • Standardized international test preparation, such as:

No matter what the subject, Genius Premium Tuition has specialist private tutors ready to assist with individual subject tuition.

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