Role for Psychometrists

Looking for an opportunity to expand your educational and psychological expertise?

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“Working at Genius is a refreshing way to apply my psychological background. With my strong interest in people and numbers, I’ve been given the opportunity to combine my analytical and interpersonal abilities.
Every day here is a growth and learning opportunity. As an Education Manager, I am gaining invaluable skills from the assessment process to managing clients and their educational support system. At the same time, I am supported in my own professional development.”

Marion Lange, Education Manager, is a registered Psychometrist and will pursue her Masters in Psychology in the near future.

  • Have a real impact by coaching and mentoring students individually.
  • Work with students’ teachers, psychologists, and other professionals to ensure their success.
  • Connect with families to assess their childrens’ needs.
  • Conduct assessments and analytics to promote optimal solutions.

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Over the last 29 years, we are proud to have worked with many Education Managers from all walks of life. These passionate and bright individuals have made huge differences in our students’ lives.

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