Join The Genius Family: Become An Educational Leader

Are you looking for a dynamic career that combines Education and Psychology in an environment with a great culture, lot’s of growth opportunities and the potential to earn what you deserve? Genius Premium Tuition has a position for you in South Africa’s pre-eminent Educational Management Team.

Work in Educational Leadership

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Genius Premium Tuition (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 1993. We are a Premium, Private Tuition and Education Management Firm operating in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. Over the years, we have serviced more than 3000 clients and taught more than 200,000 hours of private one-on-one lessons.

Right from the start, you’ll embark on a comprehensive Onboarding Programme that systematically exposes you to all areas of the company. You’ll be given stimulating hands-on roles and have the opportunity to develop and grow in a variety of crucial career-enhancing soft skills.

On top of a competitive starting salary and other outstanding benefits, you will have the ability to deepen your knowledge through structured learning and contributing to the construction and implementation of Educational Programmes for students. All the while, you’ll be supported by a direct supervisor to provide guidance and constructive feedback, as well as an excellent mentorship programme.

Find out more about why this role is so well suited to psychology students, or education students and qualified teachers.

Salary Expectation

R24,000.00 basic salary after training

High-performance ELs can make R40K+

Other positions and growth opportunities for ELs who master the role.

We Want Candidates Who:

Attributes Of This Role

What You'll Be Doing Day To Day


Time Commitment

What You Will Learn


Develop your Verbal, Non-verbal and Written Communication skills.


Training on Active, Effective and Empathetic Listening Skills.


Become Task-Adaptable and Agile as you learn to Pivot, Prioritize and Execute.


Hone your ability to Solve Complex Problems by employing Critical and Lateral Thinking.

Critical Thinking

Learn to view and solve problems through Rational, Skeptical and Unbiased Analysis.

Time Management

Sharpen your ability to Organize, Prioritize, Plan, Delegate and Manage your Stress.

Self Confidence

Grow in your Assertiveness and Composure, and Learn to Articulate yourself under pressure.


Beat Procrastination as you learn to Set Goals, Establish Priorities and Manage Deadlines.

Decision Making

Improve your ability to Define Problems, Brainstorm, Consult, Formulate Solutions, Execute and Evaluate.

Presentation Skills

Deliver Effective and Engaging Presentations to a Variety of Audiences.


Mature your capacity to recover rapidly from difficulties and tough situations.

Handling Criticism

Improve your Interpersonal Relationships by learning how to deal with Criticism Constructively.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have likely answered all of your questions below, however, if you have any more or want to get in touch, email us on – expect a prompt response!

Formal business hours are from 08:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday and from 08:00-12:00 on a Saturday or Sunday. However, because of the premium service Genius offers you are encouraged to accommodate the client’s availability for assessments and meetings. This means that you will be expected to meet them after business hours and on weekends.

The position comes with a R24,000.00 basic salary, but there is a commission and performance bonus in place that allows ELs to earn more than R40,000.00

Yes, being an EL will require you to drive out to out of office meetings on a regular basis. Public or private transport (Such as Uber) is not acceptable.

Although the nature of the EL role is continuous training, there is a 3-month core training phase during which you’ll earn less than the basic. Thereafter, the position comes with a R24,000.00 minimum basic salary, but there is a commission and performance bonus in place that allows EMs to earn more than R40,000.00
Yes. Due to the nature of the position and its demands, a personal laptop is an essential piece of equipment.

Once an Education Leader masters the EL position, they might be selected to become an GTL (Genius Team Leader) – they will then be responsible for mentoring, coaching and supporting up to 8 Education Leaders, with far more substantial earning opportunities.

No. Genius has developed a unique training programme wherein you will learn all the necessary skills to become an effective Education Leader, there is an internal education training programme. No prior experience is required.

Yes. Due to the nature of the position and its demands, a personal smartphone is an essential piece of equipment for training. If you pass the training, you will be issued a smartphone to use as a personal business phone.