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Your SAT test date is looming, are you prepared?

Every one of our SAT tutors has passed our tutor training programme with distinction, and then passed the SAT at the 99th percentile. Our SAT tutors don’t just know the work, they know how to teach it.

Our programme is guided by a sophisticated diagnostic tool that identifies which of the 37 sub-sections in the SAT we need to focus on in order to achieve their goal.

Our SAT Students frequently improve their score by 200 points.


  1. Student Profile; study habits, routines, interests and learning style. This entails both an in-depth qualitative and detailed quantitative review of the student’s scholastic career up to that point.
  2. SAT Mock Exam and Diagnostics; Following the initial family interview, the student will write a full-length SAT at our assessment centre. This exam is then carefully analysed to determine the specific subsections and question types to focus on. We also identify the types of mistake the student tends to make.
  3. Your Target; We review your GPA and your target universities to determine what score you need to achieve in order to get into your college of choice.

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Once we understand what your needs are, we create an action plan and send trained SAT Math and SAT English tutors to get you up to speed on:

  • SAT Mathematics; SAT Math is very different from IEB/ Cambridge Math, and there is content and application that you need to learn. We have your back.
  • SAT English; The skills tested in the SAT Reading and SAT Writing sections are distinct from the skillset taught in IEB and Cambridge English. We fill in the gaps.
  • SAT Test Taking Techniques; Getting a great score is about so much more than just knowing the content. We teach you test-taking tools, tricks and techniques designed to maximise your score in SAT.

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Genius Alumni:

Over the last 28 years, we are proud to have helped students get into universities such as:

  • Harvard University
  • Columbia University
  • Yale University
  • Stanford University
  • University of Pennsylvania

And many others.

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