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Bridget Bagnall

My son, Christopher Bagnall, has been receiving private tuition through Genius Premium Tuition since early 2020. Lessons were initially face-to-face, but since COVID restrictions commenced, he has engaged in online tuition with his tutors.

Genius was very responsive to our brief, which was to provide Christopher with additional support to maintain a solid ‘A’ Aggregate from Grade 10 through to Matric, which is a pre-requisite if he is to achieve his goal of obtaining a scholarship to a top international university. In addition, they have provided valuable support as he prepared to write the SAT standardized test.

Genius undertook a comprehensive assessment of Christopher’s requirements and assigned tutors who were subject specialists and were able to teach in a manner that suited his style of learning. I have nothing but the highest praise for the tutors that he has worked with (and currently is) in the subjects of Mathematics, Physical Science and English. They are professional, engaged and caring and have managed to continue to tutor him through tight schedules imposed by boarding school life and a heavy sporting schedule.

I would not hesitate to recommend Genius Premium Tuition.

Added in Jan 2023: Christopher Bagnall bagged eight distinctions with an average of 88% at Hilton College.