How Do We Get Such Great Results?

We’ve been operating since 1993 and have clocked more than 200 000 hours of one-on-one private tuition. In that time, we haven’t just been teaching, we’ve been learning as well, and what we have learnt has shaped the business that we are today.
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Our Story

We’ve been operating since 1993 and have clocked more than 200,000 hours of one-on-one private tuition. In that time, we haven’t just been teaching, we’ve been learning as well, and what we have learnt has shaped the business that we are today.
Care and Oversight:

We lead the whole process and stay closely involved to ensure that:

How We Operate

Family Interview:
Our process starts with a family consultation at our assessment centre. We get to know the student – we find out about their study habits, routines, interests and goals. This includes both an in-depth qualitative and detailed quantitative review of the student’s scholastic career up to that point.

Team Selection:
We select tutors from our team based on learning style and personality. We aren’t an agency; we know all of our tutors personally, and as far as we are concerned, choosing the right mentor – someone your child will look up to and connect with – is crucial!

One-On-One Lessons In Your Home:
Lessons happen one-on-one in your home or at your school. The tutors build a working relationship with the student and move through the outcomes effectively and constructively. We set and keep track of work to be done in between lessons.

Our Mission and Purpose

We strive to grow our students – socially, emotionally, physically, mentally and academically. We also endeavour to invest in the development and growth of our staff through training and a culture of learning.

Our mission is very simple:
‘To grow our students and staff, and to help them reach their full potential.’

Our Company Vision
We wake up every day thinking about how:

‘To be the best premium private tuition firm in the world, and to provide the most compelling educational experience for our customers.’

We Hire The Best People
At Genius, we understand that great companies are built on the shoulders of great people. We make every hire decision very carefully. Our selection, vetting, and training programme ensures that everyone – up and down the chain of command – is committed to your child’s success.

Without the right tutor, everything else that we do is irrelevant. We match the right tutor to the right student.

Students who connect with and look up to their tutors will naturally want to do well and impress – this is why we work so hard to find, train, and nurture our tutors. At Genius, successful tutor applicants must not only be academically brilliant, but they need to be the kind of people who care about making a difference. We admit it: we expect a lot from our tutors, which is why only 3% of applicants with As in matric actually make it through our vetting and training programme.


Zoë achieved 6 A’s in Matric at Alma Mater International School where she was the Head Girl and received the Dux Scholar Award. She is currently doing a BEng in Biomedical Engineering (WITS).


English, Afrikaans, Biology, Business, History, Academic Coaching
Shavon achieved 7 A’s from the Kings School Robin Hills. She studied BA Law and Honours in Psychology. She is currently in her 4th year of a MBBCh (WITS).


English, Academic Coaching
Nicola achieved 4 A’s in Matric and is currently doing a BA in Communication and Media, and Psychology (UJ). She has completed more than 170 hours of tutoring with Genius.


Maths, Science
Ruben achieved 6 A’s in Matric at St Alban’s College and is currently doing a BEng in Mechanical Engineering (UP). He has completed over 170 hours of tutoring with Genius


Maths, Science
Clint achieved 5 A’s at Norman Henshilwood High School. Clint is currently doing a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (UCT).


English, Psychology, Academic Coaching, Business, Afrikaans
Alisa achieved 2 distinctions in Matric at Midstream College. She has a BA majoring in Psychology and Criminology (UP) where she is also a member of the Golden Key Honorary Society. Alisa also has an Honours degree in Psychology (SACAP), and a PGCE (STADIO). She has 6 years of tutoring experience and has tutored more than 550 hours with Genius.

Our team of Education Managers are the magic elves who are responsible for ensuring the success of our premium private tuition programmes.

We admit it: we expect a lot from our EMs – we only hire champions who dominated academically in high school, and once they have proven themselves as a successful tutor, they undergo a full-time 3-month training course to give them a foundation in teaching, syllabi, national and international study, educational philosophy, psychology, proactivity, parenting, love, and leadership.

Kyle Abernethy

Education Leader
Kyle matriculated with 2 distinctions from St David’s Marist Brothers Inanda. He completed his BA in Psychology at UP (Cum Laude) and holds an Honours in Psychology from Varsity College.

Beth Lund

Education Leader
Beth matriculated from Curro Hillcrest with 4 distinctions. She graduated in the Top 10 in her grade and achieved academic colours. In 2017 she placed in the top 1% in South Africa for the Science Olympiad. Beth has completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology (Cum Laude) at UNISA and also holds her honours degree in Psychology (Cum Laude) from Varsity College.

Anké Crous

Education Leader
Anké matriculated from Die Hoërskool Menlopark with 4 distinctions. She has completed her Undergraduate degree in Psychology (Cum Laude) at the University of Pretoria and has completed her Honours in Psychology at the University of Johannesburg

Taryn Rutenbach

Education Leader
Taryn matriculated from Kingsmead College with 4 distinctions. She placed in the top 1% of IEB candidates for Geography. Taryn completed her Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree at WITS. She is also a member of the Golden Key Honours Society. She plans on completing her Psychology honors through SACAP.

Layla Howa

Education Leader
Layla matriculated with 7 distinctions as Deputy Head Girl and Director for the EADS Play. She received her Honours blazer for full colours in Academics, Public speaking, and Drama. She completed her BSc majoring in Psychology and then went on to complete her Honours degree in Psychology, both at the University of Johannesburg.

Ashleigh Brown

Education Leader
Ashleigh matriculated with 3 A’s and 4 B’s from Crawford College Sandton. She went on to complete a BA (with distinction) majoring in Psychology and Criminology and a BSocSci Honours in Psychology at the University of Pretoria. She then went on to study Psychometry at UJ and is currently registered under the HPCSA as a Psychometrist.

The Leadership Team, in collaboration with Education Managers, works tirelessly to ensure that Genius Premium Tuition and our staff honour our commitment of excellence to our students, parents and staff.

David Meltzer

Founder, Partner
David founded Genius (and was the company’s first tutor!) in 1993. He saw a need for premium, private tuition as a supplement to the school system.

Dean Cook

Managing Director, Partner
Dean has been with Genius Premium Tuition for 7 years. Dean matriculated with 5 A’s. He then went on to study Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. After tutoring more than 1600 hours of Mathematics and Science at Genius Premium Tuition, decided to move into education full time and now provides support and guidance to the Education Manager and Tuition team.

Johnny Marks

Financial Manager
Johnny has been with Genius Premium Tuition for over 9 years. He is responsible for the Financial Management of the business.

Leanco Stans

Head of Talent Aquisition
Leanco is a Science, Afrikaans and English Tutor with Genius who achieved 4 A’s in matric from Morgenzon Agricultural Academy where she was the Head Girl. Leanco has her BSc in Genetics and BScHons in Medical Virology and is currently studying Medicine (UP). She has tutored over 840 hours with Genius.

Bronwyn Britz

Education Leader & Branch Leader
Bronwyn matriculated from St Andrew’s School for Girls with 4 A’s; she then completed a BA in Law, Psychology and English at the University of Pretoria, a BSocSci Honours in Psychology at SACAP, and finally a PGCE at Wits. Bronwyn has taught Technology, Math, and English at Edenvale High School and around 200 hours of English and Academic Coaching with Genius Premium Tuition.

Carmen Lorusso

GSL Platoon Leader
GPLs lead a team of tutor squad leaders. Carmen completed Matric with 4 distinctions and holds a BA Psychology (with distinction) and a BSocSci Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Pretoria where she is a member of the Golden Key. She is an Academic Coach and English tutor and has completed over 1500 hours of tuition with Genius. Carmen is also trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Positive Behaviour support and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Intervention at the University of Pretoria.

About The Genius Family: Schools Our Students Are From

We have been supporting students in South Africa since 1993. In that time, we have taught over 2800 students from many different schools. Here are a few of the schools our students have attended:

Our unique approach to tutoring makes us the premier choice for anyone seeking a truly exceptional learning experience: Our expert tutors and Education Managers provide a personalized learning experience that is unmatched in quality and effectiveness.

Every so often, a student may need a little help from a tutor when cramming for an exam. We aren’t those guys. We take a long-term approach to education. We don’t just teach the material – we teach how to learn, how to enjoy, and — ultimately — how to cultivate a mindset that welcomes and encourages long-term sustainable success.

We build a custom programme for your child

Life is not divided neatly into compartments. When a child is struggling at school, there are inevitably a number of factors that need to be addressed. This is why we take a holistic approach to tutoring. In partnership with parents and teachers, we build a tutoring programme which addresses, and is tailored to, their specific academic needs.

We Stay Involved, Every Step Of The Way

You don’t just get a tutor. Our Education Managers lead the process to ensure a great result; we support and supervise the tuition process, stay in contact with the teachers at your school, and host regular feedback sessions and progress reviews in your home.

Fostering independence in all areas of life

Our job is done when a student has all the tools, strategies, and drive they need to excel academically on their own. We teach the student how to become a powerful academic and life leader.