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We’ve been operating since 1993 and have clocked more than 190 000 hours of one-on-one private tuition. In that time, we haven’t just been teaching, we’ve been learning as well, and what we have learnt has shaped the business that we are today.

We hire the best people

At Genius, we don’t recruit people who merely want to make a few extra bucks on the side, we recruit champions who want to make a real difference in a child’s life and who believe in the power of education to do just that. Our selection, vetting, and training programme ensures that apart from deeply understanding the work – and understanding how to teach it – our tutors are committed to your child’s success.

We get to know our students

We have spent 28 years developing and honing our assessment process. We believe that any solution begins with understanding exactly who we are working with and what their challenges are. We listen, and once we fully understand, we put a plan into action.

We stay involved, every step of the way

We lead the process to ensure a great result; we oversee and supervise the tuition process, recommend and implement course corrections along the way, administer and analyse mock tests regularly, stay in contact with the school and other stakeholders, and host regular feedback sessions and progress reviews in your home.

Everything starts with a relationship

Trust is at the heart of everything that we are able to achieve. We understand that there are many stakeholders in a student’s life, and so we spend time forming relationships with teachers, psychologists, and any other team members invested in your child’s education.

A holistic approach to tutoring

Life is not divided neatly into compartments. When a child is struggling at school, there are inevitably a number of reasons that need to be addressed. This is why we take a holistic approach to tutoring. In partnership with parents and teachers, we look at all aspects of their academic, emotional and social life and find ways to address the things that are affecting their academic performance.

We follow a philosophy, not a methodology

If the way we teach doesn’t fit the student, we change the way we teach. We understand that each student has a different way of absorbing knowledge, and so we don’t tell a student how to learn. We listen, we assess, we adapt, and we identify how they learn best and tailor a programme to complement that.

We don’t believe in quick fixes

Every so often, a student may need a little help from a tutor when cramming for an exam. We aren’t those guys. We take a long-term approach to education. We don’t just teach the material – we teach how to learn, how to enjoy, and — ultimately — how to cultivate a mindset that welcomes and encourages long-term sustainable success.

We train for independence

Our job is done when a student has all the tools, strategies, and drive they need to excel academically on their own. We teach the student how to become a powerful academic and life leader.

What Sets Us Apart

We have a highly qualified, varied selection of tutors on our team. These include engineering graduates and students from chemical, computer, aeronautical, mechanical, and civil faculties, master’s and PhD students, as well as qualified teachers. But what really makes them special is their ability to connect with your child and break down and explore complicated ideas with them. Not everyone can teach, and we select and train for this skill set.

Care and Oversight:

We lead the whole process and stay closely involved to ensure that:

  • We are course-correcting and adapting when necessary
  • The tutor team is executing every lesson with care and attention
  • The student is connecting with their tutors
  • The student is invested in the programme
  • We are getting results

Fee Structure

Genius Premium Tuition 2023 Fees (excl. VAT)

Full Assessment Process Fee: R4 200
Lesson Fees: R1500 per hour

Find out what parents have to say about the price:

What the consultation process entails

The purpose of the assessment process is to:

  • Obtain a clear understanding of what your child’s educational needs are.
  • Connect with and involve your child in the decision-making process.
  • Discover what tools to use in our premium private tuition programme.
  • Work out how many lessons we need to do to attain our goals.
  • Introduce you to the team that will be managing your child’s private tuition.
  • Ensure that we assign the most suitable tutors to connect with, mentor, and teach your child.

What the lesson fees entail

  • One on one lessons, in your home or at the school.
  • Experienced, trained, vetted, high-quality tutors dedicated to the academic and holistic improvement of your child’s performance.
  • Preparation, planning and consolidation outside of lesson times.
  • Setting and monitoring work and projects outside of lesson times.
  • A report on every single lesson with one of our tutors.
  • Access to detailed lesson records on request.

Educational Management

The Education Manager is there to lead the process and ensure a great result. We are a premium service and our EM team is available after-hours and on weekends.

How We Operate

We have spent nearly three decades developing and honing our approach to private tuition. We believe that every relationship begins with understanding exactly who the student is and what the challenges are. We don’t tell a student how they should be feeling or how they should be working; we listen. And once we fully understand, we put a plan into action.

Family Interview

Our process starts with a family consultation at our assessment centre in Fourways. We get to know the student – we find out about their study habits, routines, interests and goals. This includes both an in-depth qualitative and detailed quantitative review of the student’s scholastic career up to that point.

Mock Examinations

Following the initial interview, the student will write examinations at our assessment centre. We get to learn about the student’s stress levels, examination techniques, and performance under pressure.

Examination Diagnostics

These examinations are then carefully analysed to determine the specific subsections and question types to focus on. We also identify the types of mistakes the student tends to make.

Stakeholder Consultations

The Education Manager will consult with the student’s subject teachers, educational psychologists, therapists and other relevant educational caregivers to gain insight into the student’s academic situation.

Tool Selection

Subject Content Tuition, Exam-taking Techniques, Proactivity and Motivation Mentoring, Study Skills, Time Management, Interest-generating Extension Modules… the list goes on. At Genius, we have many tools in our toolbox. Choosing the right approach and combination of tools is critical.

Team Selection

Tutors, if tuition is deemed necessary, from our team are selected based on an optimal match in terms of learning style and personality. We aren’t an agency; we know all of our tutors personally, and as far as we are concerned, choosing the right mentor – someone your child will look up to and connect with – is crucial!

Feedback Session

The Education Manager will put together a meta-report of the student’s educational position based on the initial quantitative and qualitative assessment, the insight gained from the relevant educational stakeholders and a data analysis of scholastic results obtained in previous years.

We meet at your home to outline the findings, insights, and recommendations for enhancing your child’s educational experience and helping them reach their full potential.

How We Operate

Briefing and Preparation

Following the feedback session, we brief and prepare our team of tutors. We ensure that the whole team understands the nuances, challenges, outcomes to be achieved, the programme map, and the approach and plan for facilitating your child’s growth.

One on One Lessons in your home

Lessons happen one-on-one in your home or at your school. The tutors build a working relationship with the student and move through the outcomes effectively and constructively. We set and keep track of work to be done in between lessons.

Mock Examinations

On an ongoing basis, the student will write mock examinations at our assessment centre – we get to monitor their progress in the various subsections, and they get to practice what they are learning under exam conditions. Most importantly, the student will gain confidence from good results, and this will feed into their drive and commitment to the process.

Educational Management

The Education Manager is there to lead the process and ensure a great result; they are responsible for overseeing and supervising the tuition process, recommending and implementing course corrections along the way, staying in contact with the school and other stakeholders, as well as hosting regular feedback sessions and progress reviews in your home.

Mission Statement

Our mission is very simple:

‘To grow our students and staff, and to help them reach their full potential.’

We strive to grow our students – socially, emotionally, physically, mentally and academically. We also endeavour to invest in the development and growth of our staff through training and a culture of learning.

Company Vision

We wake up every day thinking about how:

‘To be the best premium private tuition firm in the world, and to provide the most compelling educational experience for our customers.’

We are a customer-orientated organisation. We strive to provide world-class customer service.


We have been supporting students in South Africa since 1993.

In that time, we have taught over 2800 students from many different schools. Here are a few of the schools our students have attended: