Role for Teachers

Looking for an opportunity to apply your educational and pedagogical expertise?

this might be just what you’re looking for

“After completing my PGCE, I never considered going into Education Management, but I didn’t feel like I was making the difference I wanted to while teaching.

Becoming an EM has given me the chance to apply all that I learnt from my education degree while seeing the real impact that I can have on my students!” – Bronwyn Britz, Teacher and Education Manager

  1. Have a real impact by coaching and mentoring students individually.
  2. Work with students’ teachers and psychologists to ensure their success.
  3. Lead and guide a team of tutors to teach high-quality lessons at the student’s home.
  4. Connect with families to assess their childrens’ needs.
  5. Earn well. EMs earn between R20K and R30K per month within the first 3 months.
  6. High-performance EMs can make R40K+.
  7. Build relationships in the education industry.

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Over the last 29 years, we are proud to have worked with many Education Managers from all walks of life. These passionate and bright individuals have made huge differences in our students’ lives.

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Professional Exposure

EMs collaborate with Educational Psychologists, HODs, principals and teachers.

Build a network!

Pedagogical Training

Try out different lesson plans and teaching methodologies.

This is an opportunity to actually put what you studied to use!

Earn R20K – R40K / month

Within your first 3 months, you can expect to be earning in the range of R20K to R30K per month.

Managerial Work Experience

Gain experience working in a managerial and leadership position in education.


Work closely with a team leader who will issue you with a personalized, high-quality testimonial, and character witness on the completion of your programme.

Academically Strong?

We only hire the brightest academics.

Put those high school As to good use as an Education Manager at Genius Premium Tuition.

12 month+

Education Managers can sign up for a 12, 18, 24 (or more) month programme to suit their future plans and postgraduate timeline needs.

Hours Worked

Complete and get a record of hours worked mentoring, coaching, and tutoring students and guiding families.

Fourways, Johannesburg

This role is full-time, at our office in Fourways, Johannesburg.