Extension Modules

Our greatest teaching tool is our passion. We get involved – head and heart and have a vested interest in seeing our students grow.

We take private tuition very seriously.

Unlock your child’s full potential with our “Genius Extension Module” program! Imagine getting hands-on experience with science and technology, and bringing abstract concepts to life through fun and engaging projects tailored to their interests and passions. Whether it’s building an electronic circuit, launching a CO2 propelled rocket, coding, designing with CAD software, or creating your own 3D-printed toy, our modules are guaranteed to fire up the imagination and make learning an exciting adventure.

Who wouldn’t love learning how to make a smoke bomb? And in today’s digital age, what student wouldn’t benefit from gaining knowledge about the inner workings of a computer? Don’t miss out on this opportunity for your child to unleash their inner genius and shine!

In our Extension Modules, we cover topics such as:

We offer expert-level tutoring with a subject specialist for each of the following subjects


Artificial Intelligence





Critical Thinking

Data Science



Foreign Language Learning

Game Design

Game Theory

Health Science


Literary Arts








Public Speaking




Stock Markets

Sustainable Energy

and others

“I would recommend Genius to any person that requires a more holistic solution to their educational challenges. The investment has been significant, but it was the best decision I have made for my family, and I will do it again if I were faced with the same choices.”
“The tutors have been of a very high quality and, along with their own proficiency in the subjects they specialize in, they are able to actually teach and resonate with an 18-year-old youngster.”
“In just the 4 weeks leading up to the exams, his marks went up by more than 30%. He’s a lot more confident and enjoys his schoolwork.”

How We Operate

Family Interview:
Our process starts with a family consultation at our assessment centre in Fourways. We get to know the student – we find out about their study habits, routines, interests and goals. This includes both an in-depth qualitative and detailed quantitative review of the student’s scholastic career up to that point.

Team Selection:
Tutors, if tuition is deemed necessary, from our team are selected based on an optimal match in terms of learning style and personality. We aren’t an agency; we know all of our tutors personally, and as far as we are concerned, choosing the right mentor – someone your child will look up to and connect with – is crucial!

One-On-One Lessons In Your Home:
Lessons happen one-on-one in your home or at your school. The tutors build a working relationship with the student and move through the outcomes effectively and constructively. We set and keep track of work to be done in between lessons.