Our greatest teaching tool is our passion. We get involved - head and heart and have a vested interest in seeing our students grow.

Modiane Mapaya

My son is in high school and was managing with his school work but I knew that he was capable of achieving better. He struggled to establish an effective study skills programme.

I was introduced to Genius by one of the moms at school. Genius has been our knight in shining armour. My son enrolled mid-year in Gr 9, taking Science and Academic Coaching lessons. In just the 4 weeks leading up to the exams, his marks went up by more than 30%.

Genius doesn’t just focus on academics. They do a holistic assessment on the family as a whole. The coaches and tutors are very friendly and easygoing. I have seen a dramatic change in my son. He’s a lot more confident and enjoys his schoolwork. He is now very clear about his goals. He can handle tough situations (even beyond schoolwork) with ease. Our relationship has improved.

Raising a teenager isn’t easy but through my interaction with Genius, I have come to understand my children better. I don’t always need to know everything or have it all figured out because I know the coaches have my back when it comes to my kids’ academics. They are literally “genius” with their work. This has been the best investment by far towards my children’s education.