Academic Coaching

The Academic Coaching course spans several academic and life-leadership skills.

These skills impact all of the subjects a student is taking, and ultimately their effectiveness in their future endeavours – university, their careers, and beyond.

Fundamentally, the role of the academic coach, and the purpose of the programme, is to facilitate the student’s growth from reactive to proactive and ultimately from dependent to independent.

Academic Coaching Syllabus:

Here are some of the domains we explore, enhance and optimise in our Academic Coaching Programme:

  1. Sleep; Tools for better quality, quantity, and consistency.
  2. Exercise; Importance and implementation.
  3. Diet; Strategies for healthier eating.
  4. Wellbeing & Energy Management; Becoming more productive.
  5. Alertness & Stress Management; Situational tools for shifting alertness levels.
  6. Examination Anxiety; Understanding autonomic arousal.
  7. Mindset & Motivation; Goals, confidence and attitude.
  8. Focus & Productivity; Getting the most out of an hour.
  9. Formatting & Habits; Optimise your routine.
  10. Time Management & Organisation; Life leadership skills.
  11. Learning, Study Skills & Mnemonics; Working smart.
  12. Note-taking techniques; Taking advantage of class time.
  13. Examination Techniques; Learning to beat the game.
  14. Proactivity, Independence, and Interdependence; Taking responsibility.

The tools, strategies and focus areas are tailored to each student after an in-depth assessment of their strengths, weaknesses, and needs.

Genius Premium Tuition Academic Coaching

We teach actionable and implementable strategies that students can use to improve their experience and performance in these domains.

Not all strategies and habits work for every student; our programme outline ensures that we focus on the tools the student, as an individual, is actually going to use – and then work with them to ensure they implement the habits in question.

For example, here are a handful of insights on how students can get better sleep.

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