Academic Coaching

Do you want to see your child’s academic brilliance shine? Why not invest in an academic coach!

At Genius Premium Tuition, our coaches assist students with their general academic experience to help enhance their overall performance at primary or secondary school.

The role of a coach is to guide your child to be able to study on their own effectively. Academic coaches work towards developing the overall academic skills of a student, and this can be seen in an improvement in the student’s academic achievements.

The Coach is there to enhance a student’s general academic experience.

Academic Coaching package / Syllabus:

  1. AEOS – An exploration of self: This module is designed to facilitate self-discovery and understanding, as well as Goal setting. This is an initiation the entire coaching package and serves to discover information such as learner type (to be used in study skills/ examination techniques), Self-perception (to be used in stress management and time management).
  2. Stress Management: This module is all about waking up to one’s sources of stress, and implementing models and tools to mitigate academic stress in the long term and in the short term.
  3. Exam Taking Techniques: Coping mechanisms for stressful exam situations, for example knowing which questions to answer first, how to score marks even if they can’t answer a question, coping with time pressures, and how to approach certain question structures.
  4. Study Skills: Each student is as unique as her fingerprint. We all learn and process information in subtly different ways. Learn the different approaches to learning, the student will not only improve their performance in school but also their ability to learn in general.
  5. Time Management: Students are taught efficient time-management skills to optimize the time they have available for studying
Academic Coaching Johannesburg

Academic coaches focus on the overall academic environment and how the student can excel in that environment. This differs from subject specialists like subject-specific tutors.

Genius Premium’s tutors excel in selected topics at both primary and secondary levels and can assist the student in mastering the subject. The coach looks at the student holistically and enhances what has been taught in the classroom by assisting the student in improving their overall academic skills.

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