Support and Assisted Learning for Neurodiverse or Remedial Students

We work with a wide variety of students who require assisted learning support, ranging in level of independence.

Looking for after-school support or
a homeschool strategy?

Whether you require after-school assistance to stay on track or a comprehensive homeschool-based learning strategy, we’ve got you covered: we offer customized support for neurodiverse students across the learning spectrum, catering to a variety of needs from those with learning disabilities to those encountering minor learning challenges.

Personalised Evaluation

Student profile

This entails an in-depth analysis of the student’s academic, social, verbal, emotional and physical needs. The academic and therapeutic history provides insight into the student’s current and future needs and goals.

Evaluation of skills

As part of the initial family interview, we will evaluate the student’s current academic standing and investigate the opportunities for further education and training.

Collaborate with stakeholders

After the family interview, we will gain further insight from other professionals, such as the student’s Occupational or Speech therapist, Psychologist or Behavioural Therapist

Building A Personalised Support Program:

We hand-pick mentors from our team of tutors. It is crucial for the success of the program that students enjoy the lessons and “click” well with the tutors.

The well trained and vetted tutor will come to your home for the one-on-one lessons.

We set structured homework based on the student’s capabilities and requirements. Practice, independence and student buy-in is key.

We incorporate practical experiments, demonstrations, excursions, and projects to keep the lessons interesting and increase student engagement.

We teach meta-academic skills such as time management, energy management, motivation, structure, evaluation/test technique, study skills and stress management.

We have regular feedback sessions and progress measurements.

We supervise, guide and support the programme to ensure that the student’s needs and expectations are met and exceeded!

“I would recommend Genius to any person that requires a more holistic solution to their educational challenges. The investment has been significant, but it was the best decision I have made for my family, and I will do it again if I were faced with the same choices.”
“The tutors have been of a very high quality and, along with their own proficiency in the subjects they specialize in, they are able to actually teach and resonate with an 18-year-old youngster.”
“In just the 4 weeks leading up to the exams, his marks went up by more than 30%. He’s a lot more confident and enjoys his schoolwork.”