Genius Author

Carmen Lorusso

Carmen Lorusso matriculated with four As. She went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, BSocial Sciences (Honors) in Psychology, and is aiming to start a Masters in Early Childhood Intervention next year. Carmen is a proud member of the Golden Key International Society.

Carmen has taught over 700 lessons at Genius Premium Tuition and has passed the advanced instructor and trainer training programme with distinction. She spends much of her time coaching and mentoring students for academic success through our Academic Coaching programme, as well as training and leading the Genius Instructor team.

“The one lesson I will always keep with me is to never underestimate the impact of positive relationships. Working with students across a variety of subjects, interests and motivation levels has taught me the value of really getting to know each student as an individual, and to appreciate what makes them who they are. Only then can we really start building towards academic success in a way that really works for them! It’s a privilege to touch another person’s life in a positive and meaningful way.”

Carmen is a voracious reader, and is currently learning Italian. She also enjoys painting and photography. Her main passion, however, is human behaviour and helping people learn how to perform at their best.