Home School support

Home and Online Schooling support

We offer support, guidance and premium private tuition for students who are moving out of the mainstream or have always been on a home school, distance, or online learning platform.

Your needs are assessed:

  1. Student Profile; Study habits, routines, interests and learning style.
  2. Mock Exam and Diagnostics; The student will write skills-based assessments at the correct level in their syllabus at our assessment centre.

Then we build a support programme:

  1. We select mentors from our team of tutors.
  2. The trained tutors come to the house for high-impact one-on-one lessons where they actually teach the ideas and concepts.
  3. We set structured homework for the student to do in between lessons.
  4. We use practical demonstrations and experiments to excite the student and pique their interest.
  5. We teach meta-academic skills such as time management, structure, examination techniques, and study techniques.
  6. The student sits regular mock tests so that they can practice the skills under exam conditions, and we can monitor progress.
  7. We provide administrative support and programme management to ensure that assignments and projects are handed in on time, and your child is on track.
  8. We supervise, guide and support the programme to ensure a great result.

Genius Premium Tuition Private Tutor

Whether you’re just starting out, or already working with an online or home school programme, we’ve got you covered.

Genius Alumni:

We are proud to have supported self-directed learning students, home school students and online learning students in syllabi and curricula such as the IEB, CAPS, Cambridge, GED, and American K12 Curriculum.

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