Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

At Genius, we aren’t just about teaching students how to pass a subject. Our Academic Coaches are there to enhance a student’s general academic experience and equip them with tools and strategies to help them ‘win the game of school.’

The role of the coach is to facilitate the growth of a student into a productive, effective, and independent learner by teaching them academic and life leadership skills. Coaches work towards a global improvement in all academic skills and their effectiveness can be measured by a learner’s overall academic performance.

Some of the modules included in Academic Coaching:

  • Wellbeing & Energy Management – Becoming productive
  • Examination Anxiety – Understanding autonomic arousal
  • Focus & Productivity – Getting the most out of an hour
  • Time Management & Organisation – Life leadership skills
  • Learning, Study Skills & Mnemonics – Working smart
  • Examination Techniques – Learning to beat the game

Genius Premium Tuition Academic Coaching

Benefits beyond school:

These skills ultimately impact a student’s effectiveness in their future endeavours – university, their careers, and beyond.

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