L. Venter

The role keeps you on your toes and each week is different from the last. You won’t stop learning and being challenged. At the end of the day I would say this about my experience. I have enjoyed it most of the time, hated some of the time, grown through all of it, and regretted none of it…

K. Hall

I have been working for Genius since February 2018. I have since done over 900 hours of one-on-one lessons as both a part-time and full-time tutor, become a trainer (where I trained trainees and hosted group training sessions on a weekly basis for all the GIs), and recently embarked on the next step of my […]

M. Terblanche

Before I started my employment at Genius Premium Tuition in October 2017, I had never heard the word “Education Manager”. Three years later, however, after being in the role for a year I could not imagine myself doing anything else with my life. The job is demanding and can be stressful, but I have grown […]