M. Terblanche

Before I started my employment at Genius Premium Tuition in October 2017, I had never heard the word “Education Manager”. Three years later, however, after being in the role for a year I could not imagine myself doing anything else with my life.

The job is demanding and can be stressful, but I have grown more personally in the past year than I have in the 22 preceding it. I have come to understand business, education and working in teams in a way that is invaluable and has given me an understanding of what my career is going to be. I enjoy going to work. I enjoy helping children, growing people, strengthening my skills and collaborating with the other Education Managers in my team. We work hard, have fun and we help each other succeed.

Due to the nature of the Educational Sphere, a core philosophy of the EM Team is to “never stop learning”. This is true in every aspect of the job, as we are encouraged to always find new and better ways to think about Education and what it truly means to help a child academically. From learning about the various qualifications that are offered globally to understanding the multitude of tuition strategies that need to be implemented when working with a non-neurotypical child -I gain invaluable knowledge daily.

This job is not for someone looking for your run of the mill nine-to-five position. More often than not, this job required you to go above and beyond and spend many extra hours daily working on improving your skill set. However, this job is perfect for someone who is wanting to grow, wanting to learn and most importantly, someone who seeks to find the most creative solution to complex problems.