Z. Gibson

I am a third year undergraduate student at Monash University double majoring in Business Management and International Studies.

M. Terblanche

I am currently completing my final year of a Bachelor of Business Science at Monash, double majoring in Business Management and Economics. I had been on campus one day when I saw an A5 flyer advertising tuition posts at Genius Premium Tuition.

K. Hall

I started working for Genius in my final year of study at Tuks. I was completing a BSc in Physics and qualifying for a BA in Psychology when a friend suggested I apply to the company.


I am a 29 year old who is taking a year off from studying my Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS) at the University of Witwatersrand of which I am in my final year.

C. Meadows

I’m 21 years old and currently studying a BA (Health and Social Sciences) Psychological Counselling. When I am done with my studies, I hope to be a qualified Drama Therapist. I have been working for Genius Premium Tuition since April 2019.

A. Albrecht

I have completed a BSc Degree in Human Genetics, Psychology and Physiology at the University of Pretoria. My future career goals are directed towards the medical field, as either a medical doctor or a career within prosthetics and orthotics.