Academic Coaching Workshop for Primary School learners

Bespoke 6-session Academic Coaching course, designed specifically for children in Grades 3, 4, and 5.

Playing the “Game of School”

At Genius, our mission extends beyond simply helping young students pass their subjects. We aim to foster an enriching academic experience, armed with a range of tools and strategies that empower them to thrive in school.

Our Academic Coaches are dedicated to nurturing the growth of your child into an effective and independent learner. They instil foundational academic skills and introduce life-leadership strategies that can positively influence their overall academic performance and beyond.

The Academic Coaching Workshop for Grades 3 to 5 is curated to address the unique needs and capabilities of young learners, shaping them into proactive, independent thinkers and learners.

Academic Coaching curriculum:

Fundamentally, the role of the academic coach is to facilitate the student’s growth from reactive to proactive and, ultimately, from dependent to independent.

Understanding Homework

We teach students the purpose of homework, making it an engaging, rather than daunting, task.

Study Basics & Memory Boosters

The young learners are introduced to elementary study skills and simple memory techniques to enhance their learning experience.

Time Management & Organisation

This module adapts life leadership skills to their age, teaching children how to manage their time efficiently and organise their schoolwork.

Note-taking & Reading Strategies

Our coaches guide students to capture important points from their lessons and develop effective reading techniques for better comprehension.

Exam Prep & Dealing with Nervousness

Children are equipped with strategies to prepare for tests and handle any anxiety or nerves that may come along with it.

Developing a Growth Mindset

We instill in young learners the concept of a growth mindset, teaching them that effort leads to improvement, and challenges are opportunities for learning.

“I would recommend Genius to any person that requires a more holistic solution to their educational challenges. The investment has been significant, but it was the best decision I have made for my family, and I will do it again if I were faced with the same choices.”
“The tutors have been of a very high quality and, along with their own proficiency in the subjects they specialize in, they are able to actually teach and resonate with an 18-year-old youngster.”
“In just the 4 weeks leading up to the exams, his marks went up by more than 30%. He’s a lot more confident and enjoys his schoolwork.”

Workshop Details and Logistics

We’ll be running the course for Grade 3, 4 and 5 learners at our assessment centre at 51 Turaco, Norscot, Fourways.

We’ll be accepting a group no larger than 10 students for this workshop. Ratio of coaches to learners won’t exceed 2:1.

R3000.00 ex-VAT per learner.

Dates & Registration
To be determined and communicated, please fill out a form at the bottom of this page to pre-register. Select the last option “Academic Coaching Workshop”.

Our 1-on-1 tutoring programme: