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At Genius, we don’t recruit people who merely want to make a few extra bucks on the side, we recruit champions who want to make a real difference in a child’s life and who believe in the power of education to do just that. Our selection, vetting, and training programme ensures that apart from knowing their stuff, everyone in our organisation is committed to your child’s success.

Educational Management Team

Our team of Educational Managers are the magic elves who are responsible for ensuring the success of our premium private tuition programme – this is why we work so hard to find, train, and nurture our Education Managers. As a result, successful candidates must not only be academically brilliant but they need to be the kind of people who really care about making a difference.

We admit it: we expect a lot from our EMs – once they have proven themselves as a successful tutor, they undergo a full-time 4-month basic training course to give them a foundation in private schooling, syllabi, national and international study, educational philosophy, psychology, proactivity, and leadership. Find out what it’s like to train as an EM at Genius Premium Tuition.

Bronwyn Britz

Education Manager

Bronwyn matriculated from St Andrew's School for Girls with 4 As; she then completed a BA in Law, Psychology and English at the University of Pretoria, a BSocSci Honours in Psychology at SACAP, and finally a PGCE at Wits. Bronwyn has taught Technology, Math, and English at Edenvale High School and around 200 hours of English and Academic Coaching with Genius Premium Tuition.

Shannon Cumming

Education Manager

Shannon matriculated at Crawford College with 4 As; she then went on to complete a bachelor’s degree in English Literature at UCT. After teaching English in Vietnam in 2007, she moved back to South Africa where she started a BSocSci Applied Psychology while running a small nursery and pre-primary school. She is currently in her final year at SACAP, and has completed the EM training with distinction.

Lebo Moeketsi

Education Manager

Lebo completed Matric with 6 Higher Grade As. After completing three years of a B.Eng Mechanical Engineering at UJ, she decided to leave to pursue a full-time tutoring career. Lebo has always been passionate about tutoring and has taught 2000+ hours of one-on-one Science, English and Maths lessons, and is considering a future in Educational Psychology.

Tayla Badenhorst

Education Manager

Tayla completed Matric at Parktown High School for Girls with 6 As. She then went on to start Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pretoria. After passing the first 2 years, she decided that education was her true passion and began a Bachelor of Education degree. She is currently in her second year. Tayla completed the EM training programme with distinction.

Kaelynne Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen

Education Manager

Kaelynne matriculated at Krugersdorp High School with an A and 4 Bs; she then went on to complete a BA in Criminology and Psychology, and a BA (Hons) in Augmentative and Alternative Communications at Tuks. Kaelynne has taught around 500 hours of English, Afrikaans, and Academic Coaching with Genius Premium Tuition.

Yuri Marchenko

General Manager

Yuri moved from Russia to Cornwall Hill College in South Africa for high school, where he matriculated with 4 As. He then went on to study Mechanical Engineering at Tuks. After passing the first 2 years, he realised it wasn't his passion and decided to move into education full time. Yuri has tutored 200+ hours of Mathematics and Science at Genius Premium Tuition, and now provides support and guidance to the Education Manager and Tuition team.

Dean Cook - Genius Premium Tuition

Dean Cook

Managing Director, Partner

Dean has been with Genius Premium Tuition for 7 years. Dean matriculated with 5 As. He then went on to study Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. After tutoring more than 1600 hours of Mathematics and Science at Genius Premium Tuition, decided to move into education full time and now provides support and guidance to the Education Manager and Tuition team.

David Meltzer - Genius Premium Tuition

David Meltzer

Founder, Partner

David founded Genius (and was the company's first tutor!) in 1993. He saw a need for premium, private tuition as a supplement to the school system.

Johnny Marks - Genius Premium Tuition

Johnny Marks

Financial Manager

Johnny has been with Genius Premium Tuition for over 9 years. He is responsible for the Financial Management of the business.

Our Tutor Team

Without the right tutor, everything else that we do is irrelevant. We match the right tutor to the right student.

Students who connect with and look up to their tutors will naturally want to do well and impress – this is why we work so hard to find, train, and nurture our tutors. As a result, successful candidate tutors must not only be academically brilliant, but they need to be the kind of people who care about making a difference. We admit it: we expect a lot from our tutors, which is why, for every 30 tutors who apply with As in matric, only 1 actually makes it through.

We have an intense training and vetting process and, even once completed, tutors are required to attend weekly group meetings with the Educational Management team where they share valuable advice, educational philosophy, and syllabus content.

Our training and vetting programme is designed around the assessment of 4 attributes:

  • Academic knowledge in their subjects of tuition
  • An instinct and passion for teaching
  • Commitment to Genius Premium Tuition and its students
  • Proactivity

Find out what it’s like to train as a tutor at Genius Premium Tuition.

The heart of our approach is centred on arming students with the unique tools they need to flourish independently. Our tutors view building confidence and developing core study skills as the foundation of successful tutoring.

That’s why hiring successful academics is so important!

N Ramagaga

N. Ramagaga

Mathematics, Science, Biology, English

Currently doing 5th year Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery degree (Wits)

F de Moura Math and Science Tutor

F. de Moura

Mathematics, Science

2nd year BSc Interior Architecture (UP)

J James Tutor

J. James

Math, Science and French

2nd year BEng Aeronautical (Wits)

J Wainer Maths and Hebrew Tutor

J. Wainer

Mathematics, Hebrew

BSc (Eng) Chemical Engineering (Wits)

M. Lombaard

English, Afrikaans, and History

BA General (UP), Honours in Philosophy (UP), and currently doing MA in Critical Diversity Studies (Wits)

K. Ramthol

Maths, Science, Biology

Completed BEngSc Biomedical Engineering (Wits), Currently doing 3rd year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCh) (Wits)

K. Johnstone

English, Art, History

Currently doing Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences (SACAP) Majoring in Psychology and Counselling

N du Plooy Maths Tutor

N. du Plooy


1st year BEngSc Biomedical Engineering (Wits)

S Leathers English Tutor

S. Leathers


Currently in-between studies

C du Plooy Tutor / Coach

C. Lorusso

English, Academic Coaching

BSocSci Psychology Honours (UP). Currently doing Masters Psychological Research (WITS)

M. Mafukidze

M. Mafukidze


3rd BAccSc Accounting Science (Wits)

N. Nkundhlande

N. Nkundhlande

Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Completed BSc Aeronautical Engineering (Wits)

C Neophytou

C. Neophytou


Currently doing 3rd year BA Psychology, Anthropology and SASL (Wits).

B Latilla Campbell English and Math Tutor

B. Latilla-Cambell

English, Maths

BA Social Studies (Harvard)

T. le Roux

English, History, French

BA English and French (Rhodes), Honours degree in Translation and an Honours degree in French (Wits)

E. Botha

Mathematics, Computer Science

Currently doing Computer Engineering (UP)

L.Broderick - Genius Premium Tuition

L. Broderick

English, Biology

Completed BSc (physiology and genetics) Currently doing 4th year Bachelor of Medicine.

B Britz Private Tutor

B. Britz

English, History & Academic Coaching

BA Law (UP), BSocSci with honours in Psychology (SACAP), currently completing a PGCE (Wits)

D Purchase English Tutor

D. Purchase


Final year BCom Human Resource Management and Industrial Psychology (UP)

T.Vengesa - Genius Premium Tuition

T. Vengesa

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

Completed BSc Physics + Chemistry (UP). Tutoring for 3+ years.

K. Sekoele

Mathematics, Information Technology

Currently doing BSc(Eng) Electrical and Computer Engineering (UCT)

A. Schutte

English, History, Afrikaans

Currently doing BA English Language and Literature (UP)

M de-Carvalho

M. de Carvalho

Mathematics, Science, Afrikaans

Currently studying BSc Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

M. Swanepoel

Math, Science, English

BEng Chemical Engineering (UP)

N. Ngoywa

Mathematics, Biology, Science and Geography

Currently doing BSc Electrical/Information Engineering (Wits)

D Smith

D. Smith

Mathematics, Physical Sciences, IsiZulu

BSc Biomedical Sciences (Wits). Currently completing Honours in Human Genetics (Wits)

D. Thomas

Math, Physics, Chemistry

Final year BEng Electrical Engineering (Tuks)

A Du-Plessis

A. du Plessis

Math, Science, English

BComHons Business Management, currently completing MPhil Strategic Management (UP).

R. Chirombo

English, Math, Science

Bsc Biomedical Sciences & Bsc(Hons) Human Cell Biology (UP). Currently doing Msc Human Cell Biology.

S. Zhao

S. Zhao


Currently doing 2nd Year Architecture (Wits).

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