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Genius Team

At Genius, we focus on one thing – ensuring that every student feels nurtured and empowered to achieve their goals and ambitions. We are passionate and involved – head and heart – because we understand that mutual trust is the key to progress. Our multi-faceted approach to tutoring, means that we are always developing and growing new and existing relationships with experts in their fields. This is to ensure that the student and tutor receives the kind of attention they need when they need it.

Our Tutors

Without the right tutor, everything else that we do is irrelevant. Which is why we work very hard to match the right tutor to the right student. Students who respect and relate to their tutors will naturally want to do well and impress. As a result, successful candidate tutors must not only be academically brilliant but they need to be the kind of people who care about making a difference. We admit it, we expect a lot from our tutors. Which is why only 1 in 30 candidates actually make it through. We have an 11-step training and vetting process and, even once completed, tutors are required to attend weekly group meetings with management where they share valuable advice, educational philosophy and syllabus content.

Our training and vetting program is designed around the assessment of 4 attributes:

  • Academic Knowledge in their subjects of tuition
  • A natural instinct and passion for teaching
  • Commitment to Genius Premium Tuition and it’s students
  • Proactivity

Despite the close relationship that we encourage between tutor and student, the intention is not to create a dependence on the tutor.

Rather, our approach is centered on arming students with the unique tools they need to flourish independently without the need for external support. Our tutors view building confidence and developing core study skills at the heart of successful tutoring.


We have tutored students from each of the following schools: