Rebecca Hayes

Michael Hayes, who is in Grade 8, signed up with Genius specialised education the beginning of 2015 and so far so good!!! The service offered is one of a kind as it is extremely interactive and personalised to each individual child.

The tutor, Shayna, that has been assigned to Michael, is outstanding and always goes beyond the call of duty.

Michael has developed an awesome relationship with Shayna, where respect works both ways. I love Shayna because she takes no nonsense from Mike and the fact that she is in her final years of studying to be a teacher, is a major plus as I know that her passion to teach is deep within her. Cobus is managing Mikes programme and what a difference it makes to have someone who is on the ball and has your back. Mikes cannot get away with anything, as Cobus is in constant contact with his teachers and with Mikes. He has become the 3rd disciplinarian in our household which is a major load off our shoulders. He has given us brilliant advise with regards to how to handle Mikes and has given him fun and practical ways of learning.

Michael has defininately improved with his organisational skills and is taking school more seriously,which in turn has improved his confidence.

I would recommend Genius specialised education without any hesitation.