A-Level Chemistry Workshop for Hilton College

Bespoke 6-session A-Level Chemistry course, covering: Electrochemistry, Paper 5 (Planning, Analysis and Evaluation), Group 2 Periodicity, Polymerization & Analytical Chemistry, Equilibria & Enthalpy/Energetics, and Paper 3 (Advanced Practical Skills)

Workshop Outline:


Tutor: Lavanya
Monday 18th September

This session will cover high-yield concepts such as electrolysis and its related calculations, standard electrode potentials, standard cell potentials and cell potential calculations under non-standard conditions.

Past paper questions, electrochemistry test-taking techniques, and memory aids will incorporated through this revision session.

Previous AS knowledge of oxidation numbers will be assumed.

Paper 5: Planning, Analysis and Evaluation

Tutor: Thireena
Tuesday 19th September

This session will cover time management strategies, essential statistical concepts such as mean/mode/percentage changes, graph creation and analysis, ensuring precision and correctness, utilisation of the PEE (Point, Evidence, Explain) format for crafting valid conclusions, and the key elements necessary for sound evaluations.

This session will not encompass additional content such as periodicity or redox reactions but will rather concentrate exclusively on the indispensable skills demanded by Paper 5.

Group 2 Periodicity

Tutor: Chloë
Monday 25th September

This session will cover the reactions of the metals with oxygen, water, and dilute acid and their specific properties; the behaviour of group 2 oxides, hydroxides, and carbonates with both water and dilute acid; and how to describe the thermal composition of nitrates and carbonates.

We will learn about the variation in the solubilities of hydroxides and sulfates, how to interpret and make predictions from the trends in the element and compound properties, and the use of calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate in agriculture.

Polymerization & Analytical Chemistry

Tutor: Lavanya
Tuesday 26th September

This session will aim to develop a systematic approach to A-level polymerisation such that students can easily predict the type and structural components. Applications of polymerisation will also be dealt with. Aspects of NMR interpretation, Mass spectrometry and infrared spectrometry will be revised and practised.

Equilibria & Enthalpy/Energetics

Tutor: Cassidy
Wednesday 27th September

After a quick recap of enthalpy and reaction pathways, this session will cover the construction and use of Born-Haber cycles for ionic solids, lattice energy, and enthalpy change of atomisation; electron affinities and trends in the periodic table; enthalpies of solution and hydration; and entropy and Gibbs free energy.

The topic of Equilibria will be explored with assumed knowledge of reversible reactions, dynamic equilibrium (and equilibrium constants), and Le Chateliers Principle, as well as Bronsted-Lowry’s definition of acids and bases. We will cover basic definitions of pH, Ka, pKa, Kw, and conjugate acid-base pairs, calculate pH values for acids and strong alkalis, explore buffer solutions, and finally cover the solubility product.

Paper 3: Advanced Practical Skills

Tutor: Thireena
Wednesday 27th September

This session is a practical continuation of Thireena’s session on Paper 5. This session will cover practical skills and potential experiment scenarios. We’ll be looking at safety protocols within the laboratory environment, proficiency with laboratory equipment, adeptness in addressing unforeseen challenges that may arise during experiments, the intricacies of experiment planning and time management, essential lab skills such as titration and precise measurement techniques, creating and interpreting key graphs and tables, and the methodologies crucial for successful experimentation. This session will exclusively emphasise the acquisition of skills pertinent to Paper 3 without delving into any additional subject matter.

Workshop Details and Logistics

We’ll be running the course for AS and A-Level students over the last two weeks of September.

This course will be run on Google Meets, and the join link will be the same for every session: https://meet.google.com/ght-evky-dku

Dates & Times

As listed in the topic blocks above.

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