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Nomtuse Mbere

We first used the services of Genius because our daughter Loyiso Mbere was in Grade 7, and there were aspects of maths that she did not understand. We were impressed at how thorough Genius was in investigating the gaps that had been identified and how they went on to correct those. A good fit of tutors were assigned to Loyiso, and after that she did well through to grade 10.

During Grade 10 she went on exchange to Tasmania and missed a semester of schoolwork. This had a somewhat negative impact on her Mathematics and Physical Science. We once again requested Genius to support her. The Education Manager at Genius and Loyiso’s parents had meetings with the Mathematics Department of Saint Stithians School to ensure the support fitted with the mathematics syllabus of the school. The support was given during the last term of grade 10 and the whole year of grade 11.

The support from Genius included mock examinations as we wanted to eliminate psychological fears induced by examinations, careless mistakes and to try as much as possible to create an examination environment. This was done for the last term in grade 10 and in grade 11. It helped her to settle well in school examinations and tests.

The tutors also helped Loyiso to revise questions she did not do well at school or aspects of the courses work she did not understand. She also revised examination papers with them. Genius administration pointed us to helpful websites for extra support. The tutors were conscientious, arrived on time and spent time explaining whatever Loyiso did not understand. She seemed to get on well with female tutors and bonded with them.

Loyiso is in grade 12 in 2015 and so far has done exceptionally well in mathematics; she competed in the Math Olympiad and did well. We have also had interaction with the school regarding her physical science, and while it is not as good as maths she has been getting a B symbol. We hope she can improve on this as the academic year rolls towards the end.

The Education Manager is very communicative and we have had meetings even at home and in his office to check on Loyiso’s progress. The office also follows up if need be. We have had free extra lessons if there was a hitch identified. We have therefore been happy with service delivery and can recommend Genius to other parents. Genius also helped us to register Loyiso for SAT as she is also applying to USA colleges. Loyiso has been confident enough to inform Genius on her own on how she is progressing and as a way of indicating her gratitude for the support she obtained. It may have helped her to continue with Genius but as she has been getting 90% and above in mathematics we did not find this necessary, also she had a lot of demand on her time with the CAT projects that have to be done for the final exams, SAT tests, extra curriculum activities etc. However we are confident that if nothing changes she will do well in her grade 12 examinations.