Our greatest teaching tool is our passion. We get involved - head and heart and have a vested interest in seeing our students grow.

Jessica-Lee Boden

I have been doing really well at Curro Aurora and have so far really enjoyed the school as a whole. I have managed to maintain a 50% term average for Afrikaans since I stopped with Genius Premium Tuition but I couldn’t have done it without you. My tutor, Fatima was always on time for our scheduled sessions. She always brought me extra Afrikaans work to work on to help improve my reading and writing of Afrikaans. She focused mainly on my weak areas in Afrikaans and helped me get from 3% on my Afrikaans entrance exam to 53% as my Afrikaans end of term percentage.

My assigned tutor, Fatima was the nicest person. She was always a pleasure to work with and without all her assistance I wouldn’t have achieved the mark I did. Even on the days that I felt discouraged because of how hard I was finding the work, she would break it down and patiently help me until I understood it. She was kind, friendly and always caring. She would get more excited about a good mark than I did sometimes! Fatima was patient with me which is very important when tutoring someone, she never rushed me with the work we were doing and she always made me feel comfortable. Interaction with the Education Manager was informative, problem-solving, and sensitive and he definitely found the solution to my problem. It also wasn’t all based on “my problem” with Afrikaans; he tried to find out as much about me as possible. The Education Manager was very involved in giving me the right tutor to work with and constantly corresponded with Fatima and my mother, Diane to make sure all was in order. Although my parents found the pricing quite exorbitant, we all found the end result very pleasing. I regained my confidence with Afrikaans and my marks had improved drastically.

For my Curro Aurora Afrikaans entrance exam I got a3% and by the end of that same term I received a 53% term average for Afrikaans with the assistance of Genius Premium Tuition and since then I have managed to maintain a 50% average for Afrikaans. I am striving to get 60% for my grade 11 year now and I am much more confident with the language. I found Genius Premium Tuition of a very high standard. It was a great and easy experience working with my tutor and most importantly my marks for Afrikaans improved. Throughout working with Genius Premium Tuition I didn’t only get the mark that I wanted but also regained confidence.