Our greatest teaching tool is our passion. We get involved - head and heart and have a vested interest in seeing our students grow.

Carol-Ann Meltzer


My husband, David Meltzer started Genius Premium Tuition 28 years ago!

They say the shoemaker has no shoes. What does that say for David, Carol-Ann and Shane Meltzer? Why is GENIUS the backbone of our lives?

In Nursery School, Shane’s Grade R teacher insisted that he was impulsive and suggested that he go on ‘Meds’. David was against this. In Grade 1 and then again in Grade 2 we were strongly encouraged to go for assessments and to once again consider putting Shane on ‘Meds’ as he was becoming increasingly disruptive and difficult to control at primary school. Homework supervision was a nightmare, and I was in a state as his grades plummeted to a low 43% by Grade 3. We were used to our regular term meetings with the school where we were called in to discuss our ‘problem child’ but now the teachers were suggesting that we may need to find another educational facility for our child. Despair! David was still convinced that Shane was not a candidate for Meds. An Educational Psychologist suggested that the only thing that the meds would do was to help the mothers calm down. We needed an alternative…

GENIUS PREMIUM TUITION! With immediate effect in Grade 3, we started a blitz strategy of one-on-one tuition. It was comprehensive and intense. Daily tutors came over to our home to help Shane. It was more than a syllabus – it was support! Genius Premium Tuition gave Shane a raison d’etre. Shane discovered a hidden spirit of learning and made a decision – he no longer wanted to be the clown of the class.

Each and every one of Genius’ tutors is a star. Each one has something unique that separates them from the mainstream – each one is special. They are able to meet my child where he is at and then lift him to the next level. The team brings relief, care, punctuality, responsiveness and true ability to do a fine job. The GEMS are fascinating and keep Shane stimulated and interested in building, mechanics, technology and robotics to name a few.

Our exceptional Educational Manager Dean Cook is a shining star, friend and confidant. He has played a significant role in every meeting with the school and his management of the educational process is immaculate. Any change to the timetable is handled seamlessly.

In Grade 7, Shane’s aspiration was to be on ‘the board’ at King David Linksfield Senior Primary School.

With gratitude to David Meltzer for Genius Premium Tuition, to Dean Cook, each Genius Tutor and to the staff at King David Linksfield, Shane Meltzer achieved an overall average of 80-85%, and at the Grade 7 award ceremony he received the Frankel and Frankl award from the principal and vice-principal as well as the Award for Intellectual Curiosity.

Genius Premium Tuition is a blessing and a gift. It is priceless and valuable beyond measure.
Shall the shoemaker have no shoes? Or shall he wear the finest?

GENIUS! Part of the plan. GENIUS! A solution!

Going forward I trust that Genius Premium Tuition will be part of our lives as we move into high school with confidence that we have laid the foundation for a successful road ahead.
When I think of the future and I think of Genius, I trust it will be… OK!

With Deep Gratitude,
Carol-Ann Meltzer