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ALL services and tuition available as virtual, one-on-one online lessons or meetings.


Guaranteed Students

Once your training programme is completed you will start with a caseload to match your availability immediately.

Tutor Rates

We offer the best tutor rates in South Africa. You cannot do better through another tuition company.

Lesson Material

If you need textbooks or learning kits that we don’t have in stock, we buy it for you. We also print your lesson notes at our cost.


You do lessons on your own terms and in your own time – most of our tutors are doing intense university courses.

Location Matching

We match by location. In most cases, students will be in your vicinity – in exceptional cases when we need you to travel far, you will be compensated accordingly.

Team Meetings

You meet the whole team. We have weekly tutor meetings where you can discuss students and build friendships with the other tutors. We cater.

Student Screening

Before signing up, all Genius clients are put through a rigorous assessment – you are always safe going to tutor at their homes.

GI Training

Once inducted, we will provide comprehensive training through our GI (Genius Instructor) Training programme. Thereafter any additional training necessary will be at our cost.

Tutor Growth

We have opportunities to become Trainers & Education Managers – where you can exercise different skills and earn money in different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have likley answered all of your questions below, if you have any more or want to get in touch, email us on support@geniuspremium.com – expect a prompt response!

Apply to find out – but you’ll find that they well outcompete any other tuition rates available in the industry. And we pay for learning materials, marking, and printing costs.

Any, we provide a wide range of subjects to students:

Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Accounting, Business Studies and many more.

Many of our clientele are in estates that require private entry. We need to provide your permanent vehicle details for one entry and one exit per lesson – and for security reasons we cannot have another person waiting in the car while a lesson takes place.

Yes, although you must be in the process of completing your undergrad.

Yes, we have some full-time tutors – although you will start as a part time tutor.

We match you with students who are close to your home/ university. In rare cases where you need to travel far, you will be compensated for the petrol.

These scholastic psychometric tests help us to determine if you have the verbal and non-verbal skills necessary to adapt to a student’s understanding of the work and build them up from there.

Yes, most of our tutors are part time. We require a minimum lesson commitment of 6 weekly. These can be done during the week/ weekend.

Absolutely, once you have completed your training programme you will be started on a student case load to match your availability.

Our elite team of tutors know the work backwards – this is an opportunity for you to revise your content, and for us to make sure that you know the work.

Absolutely, our training programme prepares you for one-on-one tuition specifically.

The weekly meeting (Saturdays 09h30 to 10h30) is a must – but you’re going to enjoy it. We do student discussions, training, and team building activities. You’re sure to make friends with like-minded individuals.

If you can squeeze in a minimum of 6 lessons (1-hour lessons) throughout the Monday-Sunday cycle, then yes.

You’re missing out! All of our tutors, who had worked for other tuition companies before, just wish they had found us sooner. See the features section of our tutor page.

Yes. We provide comprehensive training if you pass our selection process.

In circumstances where you cannot do any lessons, we provide substitutes and/ or adapt your student schedule and load. All we require from you is two week’s written notice before you take leave.

Extremely. You are able to tutor at times that suit your schedule.

We match students based on your university/ part time work schedule. If it changes then we adapt your lesson schedule.

Yes, we provide lesson materials, textbooks, lesson practical kits, software, and material service subscriptions at our cost.

If you need something Genius doesn’t already have available in order to do your job better, the company will be sure to purchase it.