Z. Gibson

BA Business Science (Monash)

I am a third year undergraduate student at Monash University double majoring in Business Management and International Studies.

I am currently a Genius Instructor at Genius Premium Tuition. I was referred to Genius by a close friend of mine who spoke very highly of the company and encouraged me to leave my other job. I have to work part time to cover a portion of my tertiary education fees and petrol to get to and from classes.

Upon joining Genius I formed an entirely different perspective of work, as the culture of the organization is supportive and encouraging. I had no idea I could enjoy work so much.

The one-on-one support and attention you recieve from colleagues and management is invigorating and refreshing and allows me to perform to my best abilities. I’ve tutored over 100 hours at Genius and in that time I’ve grown in many ways.

The hours I put in are flexible which allows me to study, work and parent while still making a good income each month – the more I put in the more I get out. When I first applied to Genius I became aware that there were many steps in the training program which I was actually relieved about as I had very little experience tutoring. The length of the training programme allowed me time to recap information that I had not looked at since high school.

The program assisted me in being well equipped before attending my first lesson and I’m grateful I wasn’t just thrown in the deep end straight away.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with such a diverse team of tutors and I aspire to become a trainer at Genius and work closely with new trainees. I see great opportunity for growth at Genius and I am very glad I took my friends advise because moving to Genius was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

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