NBT Tutoring


Every one of our NBT tutors has passed our tutor training programme with distinction and then excelled at our internal NBT subject tests.


  1. Student Profile; Study habits, routines, interests, and learning style.
  2. NBT Mock exam and Diagnostics; You will write an NBT Skills Assessmentat our assessment centre. This exam is then analysed to determine the specific subsections to focus on.
  3. Your Target; We help you determine what score you need to achieve in order to get into your university of choice.

We then create an action plan and send trained NBT Math and NBT English tutors to get you up to speed on:

  • NBT MAT (Math); There is content and application that you need to learn. We have your back.
  • NBT AL (Academic Literacy); The skills tested in the Academic Literacy sections are distinct from school English. We fill in the gaps.
  • NBT QL (Quantitative Literacy); You will need to be exposed to some unfamiliar concepts. We clue you in.
  • NBT Test Taking Techniques; We teach you tools, tricks and techniques to ace the test.

Did you know? The NBT MAT in June is not the same as the NBT MAT towards the end of the year, and is often substantially out of sync with IEB and Schools. 50% of students say there was math that they hadn’t yet learned in school.

NBT tutor and NBT tutoring

Genius Alumni:

Over the last 28 years, we are proud to have helped students get into universities such as UCT, Stellies, UP and Wits.

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