SAT Exam Preparations

Your SAT test date is looming, are you prepared?

We offer one on one pSAT and SAT preparation that is tailor-made for your needs. Each preparation session is done based on the individual student’s need for the SAT. The process begins with an assessment when you apply. This application will highlight your strengths and weaknesses so that we know what to focus on.

Your SAT Prep is assessed according to 3 criteria:

  1. Diagnostic test results – We will look at your previous SAT scores or practice SAT scores – you will also complete a mock SAT under examination conditions. A topical analysis and diagnostic are done to determine where your weak spots are.
  2. Previous academic support received – We look at how you are doing in your Mathematics and English at school, topic by topic, to determine where the gaps are.
  3. Your Target – We go through your target universities to determine what schools you need to compete with the other applicants.

Once we understand what your needs are, we can then move on to coaching you. This involves:

  • SAT taking test techniques: We will guide you through various test-taking tips, tricks and techniques designed to maximize your score in the multiple-choice framework.
  • Reading, writing, comprehension and language tuition: We will help you to hone your reading, writing, comprehension and language skills so that you can do your very best in the test.
  • Mathematics tuition: We will work on the weak areas you may have in your mathematics skills and help you to improve on them, and go through the mathematics that you haven’t done at school.

SAT Prep

US Consular Educational Services

In addition, we can offer consulting by associates for applications in the US. Furthermore, we have partnered with the US Consular Educational Services as well as other educational consultants which include college counsellors so that we can help you during the process of applying to study in the US.

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