M. Terblanche

BBusSc Economics & Management (Monash)

I am currently completing my final year of a Bachelor of Business Science at Monash, double majoring in Business Management and Economics. I had been on campus one day when I saw an A5 flyer advertising tuition posts at Genius Premium Tuition. I did not know then, when I called to apply, that I had made a decision that would change the trajectory of my career and my life.

My application process ran smoothly and from the get-go had more support and assistance than I could have ever dreamed of asking for. I’ll admit, that at first, I was weary of all the subject tests and extra work, but in hindsight I’m so grateful as it highlighted the areas I myself, needed to revise prior to helping someone else. This step set a solid foundation for my effectiveness as a tutor. I went through a thorough training process, helped along each step of the way by a kind and accommodating trainer, who went out of her way to explain all the processes and content I needed to know.

I have been with Genius for approximately 2 years. During this time, I have worked my way up the Genius Ladder, an opportunity that would not have been afforded to me at any other tutoring organization. I absolutely love what I do. I cannot imagine ever leaving this company.

The interactions with the students have sparked a passion in me for Education and given me a clear direction for my life. I plan on completing my PGCE upon graduating from my current degree and remaining in this industry as my chosen career path. Any investment, time and energy, has been repaid sevenfold by the guidance and enjoyment that I have received from Genius and all its team members.

The weekly tutor meetings are often the highlight of my week as I get to interact with many like-minded individuals – individuals who have become some of my closest friends. We laugh together, we learn together, and we also get free popcorn!

I highly recommend Genius Premium Tuition as a place of work to anyone who wishes to love what they do and grow in both their career and in their personal capacity.

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