K. Hall

BSc Phys & BA Psychology (UP)

I started working for Genius in my final year of study at Tuks. I was completing a BSc in Physics and qualifying for a BA in Psychology when a friend suggested I apply to the company. From the moment I started my application, I knew that I had entered into a workspace that went beyond the classic tutor role. With each step that I completed in my application and training process, I become that much more determined to make sure I landed the position that the company was offering.

I had been working as a tutor for the University of Pretoria for 3 years and had applied at 3 private tutoring companies in the search for an additional income to support my studies. For 2 years I only received a single client from the private tutoring companies, and thus my desire to continue branching out was a no-brainer… until I came to Genius.

I had known of the company for many years but was hesitant to invest in my exploration of the company due to my residence in Pretoria. However, once I decided to start the application process I was met with a level of professionalism and genuine consideration and care that I had never experienced from any company. This lead me to see my potential position in the company not just as a job, but a personal investment into myself, my skills and my connections.

As soon as I submitted my subject tests I was assigned a personal Trainer that would guide me through the training process. The trainer continuously provided me with feedback and insight into my pedagogical ability and I was never left with a moment of confusion or uncertainty. The Education Management Team were always open to any questions I had and the tutors in the company were friendly and welcoming to my arrival.

I’ve now been tutoring for Genius for over 1.5 years with over 450 hours of tutoring and have even undergone further training to become a Trainer for the company. In my journey, Genius has lived up to every expectation: the investment into its tutors and their growth as a tutor, the continuous adaptation and growth of the company, the striving to help its clients and go as far as possible to ensure they reach their full potential through its holistic approach, and its adherence to the values and standards that the company holds.

Working for Genius is not just a job. It’s a place to build on your passions, to grow as a person and to help others reach their full potential. I have never experienced a single moment in which Genius would not be a company I would recommend – I’ve even made the offer to apply to the company on first-dates. Genius is worth getting into, and I would recommend it to everyone.

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