Bachelor of Dental Science (Wits)

I am a 29 year old who is taking a year off from studying my Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS) at the University of Witwatersrand of which I am in my final year. I have previously completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Anatomy and Physiology. My goal is to be a dentist with my own practise, and eventually specialize in Maxillo-Facial Surgery and continue supporting the work of Operation Smile.

I found Genius online while looking for some part time work experience, as I wanted to keep myself busy during this year off. I am a person who doesn’t like to sit around and Genius provided exactly what I was looking for, flexibility and a great earning potential. I worked as a tutor for a previous tutoring company for the past 10 years and Genius provided a fresh and exciting new experience to the field.

I have been with Genius for the past 3 months and have taught roughly 60 hours of mostly Maths and a few Science sessions. I have enjoyed my experience so far, as the training Genius provided helped ensure the sessions were enjoyable and productive for both the students and myself.

The training programme to became a tutor, was different and a little unexpected, as previously my highschool marks and an interview were enough to start tutoring. However, looking back, I am glad of the rigorous programme as it ensures the tutors chosen give the best possible service to the clients. The Genius staff are welcoming and always on hand to guide the potential tutors along the way.

In my previous experiences with other tutor companies, there was a disconnect between myself and the rest of the team, with minimal support provided by management. Genius holds weekly meetings that allows for the tutors to bond and discuss challenges we faced during the week. Genius mentors are always available to provide extra support when needed.

Although, the weekly meetings require the investment of extra time early on Saturday mornings, they are always enjoyable. In my time with Genius they have include activities such as Escape Rooms, braai’s and Go Karting which makes it feel more like getting together with friends.

Joining Genius can seem daunting at first, but my experiences so far have been only positive. The supprt and guidance I have received has ensured that any challenges I faced were quickly resolved. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working for Genius.

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