Home School / Online Schooling support

Not in a Brick and Mortar school? We’ve got you covered.

We offer support, guidance and premium private tuition for students who are moving out of mainstream or have always been on a home school, distance, or online learning platform.

Just starting out?

We can help you select the syllabus and institution that best suits your child’s needs, and their future plans. There are many options when it comes to moving out of the mainstream, and as leaders in private education we are here to help you navigate these waters.

Already on an online or home school programme?

Whether your institution follows the IEB, Cambridge, or American K12 Curriculum (to name a few), we offer structure and academic support.

After assessing your child’s needs (see more about our assessment process here), we can provide administrative support with the school’s interface, subject specific tuition in the target curriculum, and meta-academic skills such as time management, energy management, motivation, structure, examination techniques, study techniques and stress management.

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Why Genius Premium Tuition?

Founded in 1993, Genius is a leader in premium, private tuition – we have spent the last 27 years learning how to grow students and help them achieve their academic potential.

Our team of experts (Education Managers and Tutors) can provide an academic backbone for your family, and your child.

For more information, contact Genius Premium Tuition today.