Genius Author

Samantha Leathers

I have always been a passionate writer, first finding my love of writing in primary school and beginning my first novel at age 12, which is currently sitting at 204 pages and yet to be finished.

Throughout my high school career I achieved distinctions for English, participated in the national Olympiads, SACCEE writing competitions and captained the school Writers’ Guild but only discovered my niche passion for investigative journalism once I became the first female editor of the school newspaper.

Having matriculated in 2019 I am pursuing my journalistic dreams part-time as I am currently employed as the content writer for digital marketing agency Polkadot Digital but write freelance across a variety of topics, from transcription companies to gaming reviews.

Through English tutoring with Genius Premium Tuition, I hope to inspire students in the written arts and help them discover how lucrative and awe-inspiring the written word truly is.