A. Albrecht

BSc Human Genetics, psychology and Physiology (UP)

I have completed a BSc Degree in Human Genetics, Psychology and Physiology at the University of Pretoria. My future career goals are directed towards the medical field, as either a medical doctor or a career within prosthetics and orthotics.

After I completed my degree, I was looking for job opportunities to fill my year whilst I got my student career planned for the year to come. I stumbled across an advert on Gumtree, for a tutor position at Genius. I have thus been a tutor at Genius since the end of February, and have completed close to 50 hours of tutoring.

When arriving at Genius, the training programme seemed daunting at first but after considering the purpose behind each step of the programme, I feel that I prepared for the position and understood the necessity of ensuring a quality service to potential clients through the programme. Genius as a company offered support through different interactions between other tutors and the managers, and I feel that I have grown as a person, both personally and professionally, through my experience at Genius. I was surprised to find a company that offered both a professional, but enjoyable experience for the employees that opted for growth and development in so many different aspects.

As a tutor for Genius, I love the fact that I am working with a supportive team, even though the majority of the job is an individual experience. I was surprised to find a group of people that are so willing to lend a helping hand, without the expectation of receiving a benefit for themselves. This is inclusive of the educational managers that allow an open communication line, to ensure that all the tutors are comfortable within their positions and that they are equipped to solve any rising concerns.

Overall, I would highly recommend a position at Genius to my friends and family as my time has definitely been beneficial.

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